August 26, 2013

500 booked in 2 days

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, August 26, 2013

ABOUT five hundred drivers were booked in two days by the LTA in the Western Division.

"We carried out our operation from Sigatoka to Ba and we can confirm that we made about 500 bookings in two days," said LTA spokesman Iliesa Sokia.

"We carried out most of the operation during the BOG tournament in Ba and we also covered areas in Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka and Ba."

He said while operations to crack down on careless drivers continued, the authority had received more complaints against public service vehicle drivers.

"We have been receiving several complaints now and we have set a time to call these drivers to answer to these claims made against them. But to execute the cancellation of a PSV licence, there is a process involved.

"We undergo a process called the show cause in which driver that is alleged to have been in breach of our policies is called before our CEO to explain what happened."

He said the process took time and a cancellation would only be decided by the CEO.

"The drivers are given time to explain themselves.

"The CEO gives the final decision on the cancellation.

"There were about four or five cancellations that were made last month and we also have several hearings being held at the moment."

He said they had received a lot of complaints against PSV drivers. "We do not condone misbehaviour by PSV drivers and their conduct in the public is something that we take very seriously."

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