August 26, 2013

FBC queen win significant: CEO

07:00 Today (August 26, 2013)

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Mika Loga
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive, Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the crowning of MissFBC Priscilla Reddy as Vodafone Miss Hibiscus 2013 is significant to the change the country is currently experiencing.
Sayed-Khaiyum says, this is reflected in the results of the Hibiscus crowning on Saturday night.
He says, it showed that people’s mindsets are changing.
Priscilla Reddy will represent Fiji at the next Miss South Pacific Pageant in American Samoa in December.
“Priscilla is not only going to represent FBC and has won the Hibiscus Festival which is the Suva festival but she’s going to be representing Fijians as well and that has brought about a lot of change and it’s a change in the mindset and we want to be supportive of these sort of things all the time because it means if we grow and the people of Suva grow, the whole nation grows. This brings about better understanding. It means everything better for the whole of Fiji."
The FBC CEO has confirmed the organization is already looking forward to participating in next year’s Hibiscus Festival.
“It’s about supporting Suva, we’re all from Suva, we are part of Fiji, we want to promote our city, and we want to do good things to contribute. FBC has just contributed towards the Constitution where some of our people got together and made a submission and got accepted and is part of the new Constitution where primary school kids right from class one to class eight will now be compulsory for them to learn basic i-Taukei and Hindi and I think this will change the country.”
Reddy returned to her home yesterday to wind down from a hectic week before she resumes her studies at the University of the South Pacific.


Nemsi said...

YEAH LETS STOP THE PUSSY FOOTING AROUND AND BEING PC - what the Arse is really saying is : "Its about time an Indian girl got the title"

Doesnt matter what you label us indigenous people and what you try and label the vulagi, the vulagi will always be vulagi.

bk said...

all Fijians so by definition no more racism.
sounds like the kind of argument that a first year law student would put up. naïve, deceitful and cunningly dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Other Pacific Islanders dont see these asians as pacific islanders cause its fake ie they cant do a meke or speak it taukei,,,what a sham