August 26, 2013

FBC proud to be part of formation of Fiji’s Constitution

10:00 Fri Aug 23, 2013

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Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa
Some FBC staff are proud to be part of Fiji’s history in the formation of the new Constitution.
Their submission on i-Taukei and Fiji Hindi languages to be mandatory subjects in all schools in Fiji from class one to eight is part of the new Constitution.
Gold FM team leader Peceli Rokotuivuna says their submission will give future leaders the basic skills to communicate properly with the two major ethnic groups in the country.
He says he is proud his contribution appeared in the new supreme law of the country.
“So this is a new chapter which involves a lot of young people now working with the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, something we felt really strong about was this I-Taukei and Fiji Hindi language to be taught in primary schools, this is something that was not encouraged by the colonial government.”
He says they hope their contribution will help students better understand these two languages.

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