August 23, 2013

New e-ticketing card provider promises the best

Nanise Loanakadavu
Thursday, August 22, 2013

A NEW solution provider has come on board to provide e-ticketing cards.
Bula My (Fiji), which is yet to be accredited, is a software-based solutions provider that claims to guarantee customer-friendly services.
Company CEO Victor Ali said they would reveal how much their tickets cost once they are accreditation.
"I am still waiting for accreditation, our prices will not be as low as Vodafone but it will not be sky-rocketing either," Mr Ali said.
"People can also go online and register for a card and they will have to come to us with their ID where we can print their cards."
Mr Ali said their services would be unique because people could top up from inside the bus, which would make it convenient for students in the morning and the elderly instead of waiting in long lines outside their outlets.
He said people would tap in before taking their seat and tap out when they reached their destination to avoid any overcharging or misunderstandings by bus drivers. He added the Bula My Fiji cards would identify the cardholder as a child, adult or senior citizen when tapping in to the machines and it would also ensure the picture that appeared on the machine matched the picture on the card.
"One of the best things is that we are providing universal consoles that are made right here in Fiji and will accept any e-ticketing cards from Digicel and Vodafone or any other solutions provider.
"We are only waiting for the minimum standard requirements to be released before we can be accredited and provide the best services to the people of Fiji."
* People can top up their cards inside the bus
* People can book their seats in advance if they are travelling long distance
* The cards have special designs
* It takes 45 minutes for you to register and get your cards processed

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