August 23, 2013

Cloud 9 owner concerned authorities yet to take action

Publish date/time: 23/08/2013 [08:05]

The owner of a floating restaurant and bar ‘Cloud 9’ is concerned that relevant authorities are yet to take necessary action against villages who are threatening him to close his business.

Tony Philp said he received a threatening call and following that villages cut the mooring line of this structure which is located in the open seas off Tavarua Island in the Malolo group. 

He said this floating facility drifted out to sea and nearby resorts had sent boats to secure the platform.

Philp said since he started his business in June this year, the villagers from Momi are making threats claiming he has no legal right to operate such a business.

However, Philp said he has the legal permit from the government and the Maritime Safety Authority.
Philp said fortunately, the sea was calm yesterday when the incident happened or this could have caused damage to the environment and destroyed the million dollar floating facility. 

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said investigations are being conducted by Nadi police. 

He said they are yet to question people in this incident as at this stage they cannot blame any particular group.

Story by: Ronal Deo

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