July 05, 2011

The China and Fiji-China Angle

On the weekend we were appraised of a recent ad in the Fiji Times white-washing a recent commercial hook up between Nur Bano, the maternal aunt of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal and treasonous & pretend Attorney General, and a chinese investment arm, Quantum (Fiji) Ltd.

If our sources predictions are correct:
the land in Pacific Harbour currently being developed is the largest piece of freehold land in the Fiji Islands. The total area is a little over 6,000 acres and there are be two lots of 3,000 acres. When it is sub-divided further into 1/4 acre blocks and sold at around the market price of $25,000 that equates to around 600 million dollars. Aliz Pacific could collect a 10% deposit off the plans which is a mere $2,500 and if you multiply that by say 24,000 Chinese investors you get a holding deposit in Nur Bano's trust account of a cool $60million. Then they pay off the purchase price of around $6million and blame the delays and non-building of anything on the coup. By then the shelf company would have been wound up and the 24,000 Chinese waiting for their land title.

We couldn't help but notice that Quantum (Fiji) venture was being marketed as a partnership between Chinese investors abroad and their Fiji-Chinese counterparts (as if that makes it better).

We were then immediately reminded of a 2010 thesis that we read by Olivier Brault titled "The Chinese Diaspora: China's Instrument of Power?".

Brault's thesis was presented to the Faculty of the School of Advanced Air & Space Studies, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

In Brault's abstract he argues that:
"if the PRC cannot hope for a massive mobilization of its Southeast Asian diaspora, it has nevertheless the potential to turn a fringe of its diaspora into an effective instrument of power. On a broad scale, it shows that the potential for a massive mobilization of the Chinese diaspora by the PRC is nonexistent because more often than not only the host nations and the PRC see significant economic and stability advantages in the harnessing of its diaspora by the PRC. The majority within Chinese communities, however, have little incentive in cooperating with the PRC. Informed by history, the bulk of ethnic Chinese are wary of China‘s traditional ― blood allegiance rhetoric and they probably do not want to take the risk of losing the benefits of their accomplishments by infuriating their host communities. If Beijing cannot expect to "levee-en-masse" shadowy armies of ethnic Chinese to further its strategic interests, there is still the disturbing potential for the PRC to leverage the active cooperation of growing numbers of influential ethnic Chinese individuals, organizations, and communities. There are two main reasons that lead to this claim. First, the PRC‘s growing economic and military power allows it to better convince that it is genuinely concerned about protecting its blood overseas, therefore dampening the negative effect that pressure by hostile host communities has on the willingness of ethnic Chinese to openly cooperate with the PRC. Second, Beijing actively endeavors to build a worldwide network of influential individuals and organizations which already allows it to expand practices with which it is already familiar, such as: leveraging of powerful personages to influence the policy of foreign countries, enticing Overseas Chinese organizations to defend or actively further Beijing‘s political agenda, and appealing to them to voice their support of China‘s domestic and foreign policies."
We have made Brault's thesis also available here.

No one could have summed up China's rapid infiltration into the Pacific better than the late Prof Ron Crocombe, who in his 2006 report to the Australian Senate stated:
“[China] wants to be the major influence in the Pacific, there’s no doubt about that; it’s aiming to be that in a fairly short time.

It has [been] carefully planned, [there’s been] very strategically placed aid. You’ll notice Chinese aid is quite different…China is heading straight for the jugular
China's entrance into this part of global world has been watched and actively monitored from all quarters.

So is this latest posting aimed at inciting xenophobia? Absolutely not. It is instead intended to inform and advise resources owners in Fiji to be very wary of all current policy carrots being dangled in the name of "development" and especially those being touted by the illegal and treasonous military regime and their puppets, namely in this instance, Mrs Laisa Raratabu.

Nothing is free and all that glitters isn't gold.

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