July 18, 2011

Where the fish at?

Well-placed sources are revealing that there are now a total of 30 (with the possibility of a further 10 being promised)  latest "state-of-the-art" fishing vessels being "donated" to Fiji from China.

It is understood that a surveyor from Fiji will be going across to China inspect these "gifts", as is the norm.

The question of what the quid quo pro terms of these gifts from China will be remain to be seen as these developments have been done under the radar.

In the mix of these developments is the revelation that there could be a new fishing factory built at Lautoka and not in Lami, as the shipping routes to Asia are more accessible from Lautoka. Our sources reveal that there are (naturally) conditions attached to the 30 high-tech shipping vessels and the fish factory in that they will be built by Chinese nationals and managed by chinese nationals. The ships will be manned and crewed by chinese nationals.

It now appears that the role of the fisheries licensing, with an military appointee at the helm is how having its uses, especially in "managing" altercations with traditional fishing ground (i qoliqoli) custodians:

Equally farcical therefore are the self-promotional antics of the illegal and treasonous military regime to protect our fisheries resources.

Our sources are also revealing that there has been an influx in enquiries for the availability of high value fisheries commodities eg shark (for shark fin), giant dairo (sucuwalu which is now receiving between $300-$400 per kilo) , dairo loli, turtles, reef coral and vasua, amongst others. Tuna is of course the mainstay of interest.

It now makes clear why the regime is intent on controlling provincial and village affairs, so as to remove any barriers to their total control of resources, despite Bainimarama's false promises.

If the illegal and treasonous military regime needs some lessons understanding what they are dealing with on the water, they need look no further than recent skirmishes between a chinese vessel and a Japanese coastguard vessel:

And then they might want to educate themselves of the true value of the i-qoliqoli, the false justification of which we all know now was a farce from the get go.

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