July 22, 2011

Regime's desperation is palpable

We wake up this morning to see faithful military regime ad hoc mouthpiece, Stanley Simpson already hard at work for his bosses (thanks to a leak from accountant firm KPMG), trying in vain to discredit (still) union execs who are just getting warmed up on pulling concerted international union action on the regime because of their disrespect of workers rights in Fiji.

The illegal and treasonous military regime is pulling out all the stops to work up taxpaying citizens and union members to react in "shock", horror and outrage.

But the much-ado-about-nothing is not going to work. The claims (knowing that there is a serious trust deficit the regime's part) are that the union leaders "manipulated" board fee's to the tune of FJD$180K over three years.

If we pick that apart, the allegations of these "shocking" annual board fees work out to be from FJD$40K-$60K/annum, which is not exactly daylight robbery in comparison to what taxpayers still do not know they are being forced to pay the regime. 

Intelligentsiya is not going to put the union leaders on a pedestal on the board fees issue, but the fact of the matter is that if they didn’t deserve these fees (we're guessing that the whole board would have had to endorse it so are as equally culpable), in "crossing the floor” they too are fully aware of the consequences, but have resolved anyway to join the cause and eradicate tyranny from our country. And for the moment, we can forgive them just as long as we're all clear that when democracy returns, we will part ways and justice must be served.

The palpable desperation of the military regime in this morning's statement however is stunningly rank in it's duplicity.
Anthony and Urai manipulated FNPF board fees: PM
Friday, July 22, 2011

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says unionists Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai manipulated the FNPF board system to pay themselves director’s fees of $185,934 and $156,287 respectively over a period of three years.

The Prime Minister says they had entrusted Anthony and Urai to represent the workers and do the right thing, in particular after the debacle of the previous board.

He says however that the two deemed it necessary to pay themselves each time they sat not only on the FNPF board - but when they sat on the boards of the subsidiary or related companies of FNPF.

These includes when they sat on various committees such as the human resource (HR) committee of the same company.

Bainimarama says this was one of the key reasons why Anthony and Urai were removed from the FNPF Board.

He adds their greed is in stark contrast to the current chair of the FNPF and some other directors who do not collect a single fee.

Bainimarama says the practice of being paid for sitting on individual committees and boards of subsidiary or related companies has been stopped.

Report by: Stanley Simpson

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