July 18, 2011

SMH: Oz Transport Unions not mucking around

Not content with rhetoric any longer, Oz Transport Unions will, in solidarity with Fiji workers, strike at the heart of the illegal and treasonous military regime's foreign exchange earner, the tourism industry, and all the players who have been riding that gravy train while shafting local workers and their rights.

The newly formed ensemble of former allies of Bainimarama are also taking the fight for Fiji's freedom to another level and will show the regime what people power is really about.
Fiji flight trouble
July 18, 2011

QANTAS flights to and from Fiji could be disrupted, as the Transport Workers Union threatens industrial action.

Qantas's links to Fiji's military regime have produced a third potential area of industrial disruption for the airline, with long-haul pilots and engineers already engaged in separate disputes.

TWU secretary Tony Sheldon said on Sunday that there had been a ''continuing deterioration'' of workers' rights in Fiji.

"Over recent months we have seen the military junta reduce freedom of speech … and now they want to smash the basic human right of getting a fair wage for employees and their family," Mr Sheldon said.

Mr Sheldon also said Qantas had a responsibility to its Fijian workers.


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