July 04, 2011

Parmesh Chand downplays civil service "reforms"

The illegal and treasonous Permanent Secretary for the Public Service Commission (PSC), Pamesh Chand takes to the military regime's publicly funded propaganda airwaves, in Bainimarama's absence, to conveniently downplay their first round of redundancies.

In a semantic performance that only they as military regime foot-soldiers excel in, Chand states that the reforms is not solely about only redundancies or "right-sizing" but that serving the the taxpayers better is the ultimate objective. Rrrright. His past promises on the sugar front speak directly to the trustworthiness (or lack thereof), of his abilities.

Note to superannuation fund owners: If we really want to understand why there is so much pressure on our pension funds, we might want to start looking back to 2009 when the illegal and treasonous military regime implemented the forced retirement of over-55ers from the civil service (also implemented under Parmesh Chand's & Aisake Taito's watch). The military regime in commending the savings to government expenditure through this "right-sizing", may not have considered how these forced exits would naturally influence an unplanned for hemorrhaging of our pension funds as we highlighted earlier.

With this next round of civil service culls, we should expect more pressure on our pension fund.
Misconception over civil service reforms
Monday, July 04, 2011

The Public Service Commission has emphasized that the civil service reforms does not mean laying-off civil servants.

PSC Permanent Secretary, Pramesh Chand told FBC News that a lot of people have a misconception of the civil service reforms which is currently underway.

He says while rightsizing is part of the reforms it is not the primary objective.

“The civil service reforms are progressing very well – it is important to however point out that reforms are not all about downsizing or to some extent to laying-off people – it is however to deal with rightsizing but in many ways reforms are about seeing how best the public’s expectations for better services can be provided”

Chand says the priority of the reform which is progressing effectively is to produce the best services for the people.

Report by: Dev Sachindra

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