July 31, 2011

Regime spins Chinese fishing vessel "gift"

Further to our expose on new fishing vessel pressies from China, the illegal and treasonous military regime finds itself compelled to release a spin piece on this state of affairs.

The spin piece is also forced to admit what fellow blog Real Fiji News alludes to, in that these fishing vessel gifts may have multi-tasking capabilities will also include the ability to detect major sonor emitting vessels.
Vessel to link islanders to markets
Ministry of Information
Jul 28 |15:33 pm

A fishing vessel that will link maritime islanders to markets on the mainland is undergoing sea trials in China before it sails for Fiji next month.

The multi cargo vessel is testament of Government’s commitment to further develop rural dwellers by opening up access to economic opportunities and fits in well with the rural and outer islands development programs.

Nanhua High Speed Engineering Company of Wuhan City started construction of the $4million Fijian vessel last year under Chinese government direct grant.

Measuring 36.8m long and eight meters wide, the vessel that was designed to international maritime standards by Changjing Ship Design, has a storage capacity of 50 tonnes of cargo with nine passengers on board

The vessel will be operated by the Department of Fisheries.

Development Cooperation Facilitation Division deputy secretary Eliki Bomani said the vessel was designed to carry fisheries produce from islands around Fiji for markets on the mainland.

“This resolves a common enough complaint about fishermen’s limited access to markets,” Mr Bomani said.

“Or the market will be brought right to the doorstep of the islanders.

“It will provide markets for other fisheries commodities like seaweed and help the targets of the Department of Fisheries in promoting such economically empowering activities.”

Additionally, it will be used for deep sea exploration exercises and research work along the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

“The vessel will also transport fisheries training facilities to the rural areas removing the need for islanders to travel long distances to receive training in Suva,” he said.

“Knowledge is an important driver of the economy so when those who use the sea receive training to improve their skills in acquiring fisheries products it helps develop the fisheries sector and that is an important role that this vessel will play.

“So the Fijian Government is thankful to the Government of the People’s Republic of China for this assistance.”

A team of seamen from the Department of Fisheries have been in China for the past two months receiving training in manning the vessel.

“The Chinese instructors will also sail with the vessel to Fiji next month and carry out further training with the local fisheries team before they hand over the vessel to local seamen to operate,” Mr Bomani said.


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