July 11, 2011

Sokoimuri: Social netwoking sites in spotlight

Yep. They're still trying to crack down on "online activities" and using kids, social networking and possible online porno/pedophilia threats as the pretext.
Social netwoking sites in spotlight
Publish date/time: 08/07/2011 [10:42]

Social networking sites like Facebook are getting more common in Fiji, especially with the youth who sometimes misuse it.

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri said children are open to accessing adult materials or being trapped by online monsters who pretend to be of their age.

He added police are visiting internet cafes on regular checks.

Sokomuri confirmed through their newly formed Cyber Security Working Group, such issues are being looked into, in terms of drafting laws which are of international standards and at the same time applicable to our local environment.

Police has been issuing warnings to children on safe methods of surfing the internet and parents have been advised to monitor their children when on the internet if they have access to it at home.

Story by: Ronal Deo

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