July 05, 2011

Taimi Media: Letter to Editor

Concerned for escalating tensions in the Pacific
5 July, 2011

Dear Editor,

It saddens me to see that for an extended period of time, the Bainimarama regime persists and continues to oppress its people under a cloud of censorship and alleged human rights abuse.

The fact that this regime has been allowed to operate in a region strongly aligned to the west is even more disconcerting.

Good on the Samoan PM for voicing his support against the regime, something those other Pacific leaders should take up but understandable in light of the fact that similar to the Middle East as witnessed recently in Vanuatu, they too are struggling politically for stability.

In this context it pains me to see that major regional and international organizations located in Fiji the central hub of the Pacific have remained silent on the matter. These intergovernmental and multi national organizations refuse to get drawn into the matter mainly for fear of reprisals from the military run government.

Shame on you I say…. Please take heart and heed the unspoken appeals of the Fijian people for freedom and liberty. Relocate to a more democratic country like Samoa or recently reformed Tonga whereby you can operate regionally with integrity.

Your continued silence in this matter will not only encourage ongoing persistence of this regime but your inaction also critically sends the message that the status quo is universally acceptable.

I can understand the reluctance of neighboring small island states economically dependent on maintaining ties with Fiji, but your continued silence continues to astound me.


Regional Voice

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