July 21, 2011

Revelations about FICAC sackings

Sources are revealing that the quick exits of 3 (and not 4 as we had reported) Sri Lankan prosecutors from the pretend anti-graft body, FICAC, was not due to the end of their contracts, as had been spun by their spokesperson.

It turns out that the illegal and treasonous Chief Registrar (also Sri Lankan), Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, is the butt of many complaints performance related.

One such example was a 2.5 day training forum (read: holiday) for legal eagles that she helped coordinate paid by taxpayers, with the usual illegal suspects in tow and toeing the party line.

There was a complaint lodged to FICAC about illegal acts of the illegal Chief Registrar, the said Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, but the illegal Chief Injustice Tony Gates and Illegal Attorney General prevented the investigations by pressurizing FICAC officials to instead commence investigations against one of their own, the illegal and treasonous Injustice William Marshall (of the now notorious Mahendra Patel/Tevita Mau case)  in respect to his conduct as there were suspicions surrounding his fraternization with persons who are against the military regime. 

When the 3 victimised Sri Lankan prosecutors insisted on proceeding with both complaints as there was sufficient evidence against the illegal Chief Registrar Ms. Arachchi, it resulted in their sacking and quick exits, and FICAC's concocted statement of contracts expiring. 

This is the nature of a so-called independent anti-graft entity, created by illegal means, that thinks it has what it takes to help East Timor.

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