October 11, 2012

Chaudhry law firm ordered to shut down

13:20 Today (11 October 2012)
Report by: Edwin Nand

The Chief Register’s Office has shut down the law firm run by Rajendra Chaudhry upon orders of the Independent Legal Services Commission.

In a statement, Commissioner Justice Paul Madigan says the Chief Register has obtained orders from the Commission restraining Ronald Gordon and Rajendra Chaudhry from operating their law firm.

The offices of Gordon and Chaudhry in Suva and Sigatoka were closed this morning.

Staff and agents have been prohibited from operating the law firm.

Last week the Commission suspended Chaudhry for five years after he was found guilty of professional misconduct.

On Tuesday FBC News reported that Chaudhry had withdrawn from practicing law.

However, he said his firm was still operating under his partner Gordon and other legal staff within the firm.

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Karen Ross said...

Nice post Mr. Edwin Nand, I wanted to know what his professional misconduct actually was for which his law firm was forced to shut down.
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