October 15, 2012

More KIDANET staff to go home

07:17 Fri Oct 12, 2012
Report by: Mika Loga

Twelve more KIDANET workers go home today as part of a reorganization of the FINTEL group.

This is in addition to the ten employees who were made redundant last month.

A total of 22 employees have lost their jobs in a span of three weeks.

KIDANET, which is the business arm of FINTEL and provides internet services, will revert to its parent body because it’s finding it difficult to survive in an open market.

The decision to reorganize KIDANET and layoff staff was made by the Amalgamated Telecom Holding board.

ATH Chairman Ajith Kodagoda, who is currently overseas, has acknowledged our questions about the redundancies and is expected to comment later.

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