October 09, 2012

Prices increase for flour, drop for gas

17:05 Today (09 October 2012)
Report by: Roland Koroi

The price of flour is going up from Friday.

The announcement was made by the Commerce Commission this afternoon.

Chair Dr Mahendra Reddy says the increase comes following the prolonged drought in the US and Australia.

The price of bakers flour will increase by 7 per cent, Normal flour by 3 per cent, Sharp by 5 percent, and Normal Whole Meal Flour by 5 per cent.

Also going up this Friday are prices of Kerosene and Diesel.

Kerosene will increase by four cents and diesel increase by seven cents.

Premix price will reduce by four cents.

Good news for construction companies – the price of grade 300 and 500 steel has reduced significantly by 4.82 per cent.

And more good news for consumers, the price of LPG reduces by 11 per cent from Friday as well.

A 4.5 gas cylinder will now cost $15.12 – a decrease of $1.87.

The price of a 12kg cylinder will be reduced from $45.13 to $40.32.

Autogas will $1.85 a litre a decrease of 13 cents.

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