October 09, 2012

Fiji Leaks: All bets are off

 Source: http://www.fijileaks.com/index.html

The illegal prime minister will receive a report in the next few days and he won't like it. For it will tell him his much-trumpeted casino - which was supposed to have commenced construction in August - is not going to happen. 

It seems the native American partner (Larry Claunch) has not been able to raise the funds he promised. Calls to a Nadi number given by him were answered by an Indo-Fijian man who had never heard of Mr Claunch or his casino.  

And calls to the number he gave for One Hundred Sands Ltd, the casino operator he claims to represent are answered by a recorded message that says the number is not in use. Attempts to contact Mr Claunch have been unsuccessful. For earlier story see Victor Lal's "Khaiyum-Bainimarama rolled out false casino dice".

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