October 16, 2012

Daylight saving should be discontinued immediately-FICTU

Publish date/time: 16/10/2012 [07:13]

While daylight saving starting on Sunday morning, the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions or FICTU is proposing that daylight saving be discontinued.

In their submission to the Constitution Commission, FICTU said that daylight saving has not helped the economy but provided more hardship given the pain and strain on the school children, their parents and the working population.

In their thirteen page submission, FICTU is also proposing that the Essential National Industries Decree, State Services Decree, Administration of Justice Decree and Employment Relations Amendment Decree be repealed in the new Constitution and provide constitutional safeguard for the future.

Making FICTU's presentation, General Secretary Attar Singh proposes that the Public Emergency Regulation, Public Order Act Amendment Decree and the Media Decree be repealed and restore fundamental freedom and free media.

He added that the retirement age for all workers including public servants, police and prison officers be removed and all workers must be free to continue in employment subject to physical, medical fitness and good performance.

Singh recommends that the House of Representatives comprise of 70 seats and Senate of 20-25 members nominated by political parties.

He say the President and Vice President be elected by a joint electoral college comprising the two houses of parliament and serve one parliamentary term.

FICTU proposes that a closed list proportional voting system be adapted on a single national boundary electing all 70 members.

Singh said that they propose for voter registration to remain compulsory however voting be left voluntary and voting must be by manual marking on a ballot paper, not by any electronic form.

He say there should be restriction or removal of Party or candidate sheds and voter transportation during elections as voting must be the responsibility of the voter without any influence.

FICTU proposes that the voting age be reduced to 18 for the second elections under the revised constitution or 5 years after the 2014 elections.

Story by: Sneh Chaudhry

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