October 15, 2012

FNPF pensioners want full protection of their rights

Publish date/time: 14/10/2012 [13:03]

The Fiji National Provident Fund pensioners have requested that the constitutional Bill of Rights include full protection for the rights and interests of pensioners.

Making the submission on behalf of FNPF Pensioners, Ken Giblin said this should guarantee that legally-agreed pensions are inviolable.

He said the Bill of Rights should forbid any discriminatory treatment of pensioners and provide for their dignity to be respected.

The pensioners requested that it contains a clause affirming the right of citizens to petition their Government on issues and grievances and the obligation of the Government to give a full and considered response.

He said all laws that deny the right of appeal and redress should be repealed.

These fundamental rights should be specifically entrenched in the new constitution.

Giblin said the Constitution should have a special reference to the crucial role of contracts and contract law in a democratic society and emphasize that they can never be unilaterally breached.

He said the incoming parliament should be requested to review the laws applying to the FNPF with particular reference to its board, lending policies and the binding guidelines for these.

Other proposals made by the pensioners included that the 1997 constitution should form the framework for the proposed constitutional changes, a Constitution Court to be established to ensure that all matters pertaining to disputes regarding constitution matters be brought before this body for adjudication.

The pensioners say Voting system should be based on one-person one-vote and for the appointment of a caretaker government to manage Fiji's transition to elections.

The pensioners also agree with the Peoples Charter that those found guilty of treason or coup related offences by a court of law be prohibited from contesting elections for life.

Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa 

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