October 09, 2012

MOH axes suppliers

Ropate Valemei
Tuesday, October 09, 2012

THE Health Ministry has cancelled the services of foreign suppliers who are not performing to improve medicine stocks and equipment.

The ministry has developed strategies to evaluate medicine and equipment after a recent shortage of drugs and medical equipment at major hospitals and health centres. Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma said these suppliers were not been able to provide proper and timely supply.

"The ministry is working with new manufacturers to provide information on alternate sourcing of pharmaceutical and consumables to the market and through the regional bulk purchase scheme to our regional neighbours," said Dr Sharma.

The Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Service (FPBS) has put in place strategies to resolve the shortage of medicine, including preparation, planning, training, management and scheduling.

"We have developed strategies to evaluate, procure stock and distribute these items with assistance of the government procurement office in the Ministry of Finance," said Dr Sharma, adding that older items were being deleted from the initial list and new items added by the National Medicine and Therapeutic Committee of clinicians and public health practitioners.

Dr Sharma said the Commerce Commission had to complete 74 items for the price control list.

Meanwhile, the government of India sponsored two senior pharmacists to attend a Pharmaceutical Trade Fair in Hyderabad, India along with Fiji's High Commissioner.

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