October 17, 2012

Prof Ghai disappointed with Youth NGO’s

Publish date/time: 17/10/2012 [08:09]

The chairman of the Constitution Commission Professor Yash Ghai said he is extremely hurt by the public comments by some NGOs who are saying that a young women’s group was denied the opportunity to make their submission.

When questioned by Fijivillage on the comments by the Emerging Leaders Forum Alumni, Professor Ghai said some people just did not bother before and want to rush in the last minute to make their submissions.

The Emerging Leaders Forum Alumni could not make their oral submission in Suva on Saturday as the commissioners said that they had run out of time and they had not made an appointment to make their submission.

Alumni Coordinator Roshika Deo claimed last Friday Mahendra Chaudhry was allocated 40 minutes to speak however he spoke for nearly two hours and was allowed to do so.

Deo said politician Iliesa Duvuloco insisted and was given time beyond his 30 minutes to finish his presentation.

They said the voice of young women was not heard by disallowing the alumni from making its oral submission.

One of the members, Miriama Robanakadavu said she felt so low just because she is a young woman and it got her thinking that if she was a man she would have gotten more courage to stand up and claim her right to speak.

Meanwhile, Professor Ghai said the submission period is over and they will now speak to the people of Fiji and experts on matters like the economy, land, elections, the role of the military and democratic transition as they draft the constitution.

He said they are aiming to have the draft constitution ready before this Christmas.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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