October 08, 2012

Illegal activities worry Chinese community

07:15 Today (08 October 2012)
Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Chinese Association of Fiji says the illegal activities of Asian nationals living in the country paints a bad picture of other law abiding immigrants.

Recently, there have been arrests for alleged human trafficking and prostitution involving Asians.

The President of the Chinese Association in Fiji Jenny Seeto says, most times local Chinese cop the blame for activities run by small groups of immigrants.

The non Chinese or the other population in Fiji, they find it very hard to see the distinction. They can’t tell when they look at the face. They can’t tell when they look at a Chinese and other Asian population so unfortunately we all get tarnished by the same brush.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Huang Yong says criminal elements just happen to slip through the net.

These not only happens in Chinese immigration, i think these are regional and world issues.It happens in every country including China.

The Chinese Embassy is working with Fiji police to get to the bottom of crimes involving immigrants from mainland China.

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