February 19, 2013

Bear with us: Roads chief

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The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is urging the public to be patient with them while they perform maintenance works on our roads.

FRA chief executive officer Neil Cook wanted to reiterate his message that they cannot fix everything at once.

“It is only natural for people to be very concerned with the poor road conditions in the area they live in and areas they commonly drive through,” Mr Cook said.

“People must understand that there are roads in poor conditions everywhere. Our job is to decide which ones have to be done first.

“We take a range of factors into account including school access, traffic volumes whether it is a bus route amongst other things.”

Mr Cook is also urging encouraging people to voice their concerns with them, but they be patient at the same time.

“We will see massive improvement in the roads over the course of the next few years. I say again we cannot fix everything in the first year,” he said.

Meanwhile, the authority is undertaking maintenance activities as well as developing programmes for the coming months.

“Over the coming months we will be working out on how we can best present that information so people can see where we will be operating,” Mr Cook said.

He also commended road maintenance works that have taken place around the country since January despite the teething problems faced.

“Despite the teething problems faced due to cyclone Evan hitting the country immediately before the January 1 commencement date and the unavailability of the full complement of required plant and equipment, the overall progress has been very pleasing.

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