February 21, 2013

Mataqali refuse sewage plant plans

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The Tui Nasavusavu, Ratu Naulu Tagive, said talks regarding plans for a sewage treatment plant at Nukubalavu, Savusavu, have been going on but they were refusing to have it installed on their land.

“We have had Government departments come in and discuss the possibilities and advantages of having this,” Ratu Naulu said.

“I lead the mataqali and upon talks with them we agreed not to accept the proposal.”

Ratu Naulu said he did not approve of it because the proposed site was too small and it would be better off in a bigger area.

He said the three mataqalis; Valelevu, Nukubalavu and Nasavusavu were requested by Government officials and Cakaudrove provincial officers to meet with them on Monday evening to hear what they had to say and to see if they would change their minds.

“We are talking about mataqali land here (na qele maroroi) the Vunivasere area and if they want to talk to the landowners, that’s fine with me. We will sit and discuss this.”

He said the discussions had started last year and during a village meeting they had decided not to accept the project.

Acting Roko Tui Cakaudrove Sara Mataitawakilai said they could not comment at the moment as discussions were continuing.

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