February 05, 2013

New security plan for 2014

January 31, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
Source: Ministry of Information

Collaborative efforts and setting the right security platform for elections in September, 2014, remains a priority for the Ministry for Defence and National Security.

The Minister for Defence and National Security, Joketani Cokanasiga said Government’s plans and commitment towards conducting a free and fair General Election in more than a year’s time continues to be a priority for his ministry.

Mr Cokanasiga said they would, through their various security arms, provide the right environment so that all Fijians are able to exercise their civil liberties.

He added that they would steadfastly combine efforts with stakeholders to improve all facets of technology to address technological requirements pertaining to national security.

“It is critically important that enabling legislation are enacted and adopted to enable the total security apparatus to function efficiently and effectively. It is more vital that security issues at all levels in the Ministry is given full attention so that our coverage is wider and more encompassing,” Mr Cokanasiga highlighted.

Mr Cokanasiga said they would also continue to strengthen strategies to address issues such as transnational crimes, cyber security, human trafficking, borders security and management, search and rescue operation, terrorism and other trivial threats that can turn into complex issues if not attended to rapidly.

“The enacting of enabling legislation and strategic policies would certainly drive the security apparatus to ensure security and stability is maintained and this is presumed to be the vessel for economic progress.

“While security legal frameworks are important, continuous improvement of technology is critically vital so that we are in par with the shift our techno-economical world has reached in our efforts to combat would-be criminal element that threaten us,” Mr Cokanasiga added.

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