February 21, 2013

New Namosi Government Station

18:06 Today (February 21, 2013)
Report by: Mika Loga

The people of Namosi need not come down to Navua or Suva for government services in the future, as work is underway to establish a government station in the highlands.

[ Lt-Col] Commissioner Central BaleTuitubou revealed to FBC News, the new government station will be at Dada (PROUN: DHA-DHA) in Namosi.

Tuitubou says, so far its been confirmed the new government station will have an Agriculture Office, a Nursing Station, a Lands Office, Provicial Development Office and a Police Post.

Tuitubou says, his office has requested for more government departments to be part of the new Government Station.

“we are grateful to the landowners who have given us they have increase the size of the land from thirty to fifty acres so what we have done we have called in other government departments that will be involved that like to take the service up to the Namosi hills."

The decision to establish a government station in Namosi resulted from the development of a copper mine in the province.

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