February 21, 2013

Rotuma Land Act

February 17, 2013 | Filed under: Letters | Posted by: newsroom
Tomasi Taukave

Rotuma Island-Land-fishing ground-sea bed-etc is the property of her majesty Queen Victoria from 1881 till today.

Changes made to the Rotuman Act and the Rotuma land act after 1970 are all illegal documents 189-2002-2004-2009.

The Rotuman island council has no power to change the act without the consent of the Rotuman people.

They were there to protect the act not to change anything. It is not the Prime Minister Bainimarama’s decision in 2009 to review the Rotuma Act and the Rotuma land Act.

It is the council and the minister in the SDL Government Marieta Rigamoto who is now in Australia.

In 2010 in the paper (New Dawn) Fatiaki Misau told the Prime Minister that 100 per cent of the Rotuman people supported the amendment of the Rotuma Act and the Rotuma Land Act.

He is misleading the Rotuman people and a waste of tax money. He is also the chairman of the review committee.

Some of the changes is to register only on the father’s side like the Fijians in the Vola ni kawa Bula. Secondly, all unclaimed lands to be given to the Rotuma council.

Fatiaki Misau will be taken to court if he change both Acts and also to stop the review culture in future. The Government is not allowed to touch any land belongs to the Rotuman people in Rotuma.

Rotuma is part of Fiji because we cannot govern ourselves.

All lands taken by the government should return to the land owners.

May God Bless the people of Fiji and Rotuma.

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