February 22, 2013

Ex-MP hails Namadi

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The Duavata Community Policing for the Namadi, Tamavua, area has its own model of community policing which was put into practice in 2010.

Fiji Police Force community chief for the Southern Division Fred Caine said the Duavata Community Policing had reduced crime by almost 95 per cent.

“The youths from the red zone areas of Mead Road housing used to go and rob in the Namadi area; now it’s zeroed down,” Mr Caine said.

He said community policing had started with the Commissioner’s blessings and the support of Police officers.

“There are 15 young candidates now in this model of Duavata; they went out and patrolled and helped reduce crime in their respective areas to zero; now it’s a white glove area.”

He said the statistics of crime was their evidence and it had gone right down.

Speaking to Fiji Sun at the Fiji Police National Community Policing symposium held at the Police Academy in Nasova yesterday, Mr Caine said the symposium was a mark of change; and that change must come.

“From the old reactive we are now going through community policing; the Duavata model is to be proactive and co-active. And the change must happen from top to bottom,” Mr Caine said.

He said the Police officers now are going on the beat; before they were going around in patrol cars but now the Police officers must walk the beat.

He said the only time a vehicle would be required under this new policy was when there’s a case; an arrest to be made, where they would have to ring the station for transport. The community officer in charge must also go out and educate his community so that they know the law.

“Once the community knows the law, they will know how to write statements, to take details of suspected stolen vehicles and the procedures for contacting the community officer. The old style was they go and spend six hours at the Police station writing statements and wasting time.

“And they must remain in their beat areas when patrolling,” he said.

Meanwhile, the former Member of Parliament has no intention of running for the general elections next year.

“No, I’m retired; my last social job on this earth is to serve the community with the Police; I have no intentions of doing anything else,” Mr Caine said.

“I had a good run with the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and he was in my books one of my greatest mentors,” he said.

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