February 08, 2013

Eighty hotel workers laid off

07:37 Today (February 8, 2013)
Report by: Christopher Chand

Close to eighty hotel workers of two resorts in the Mamanuca’s have been laid off after Cyclone Evan.

Staff of Bounty and Treasure Island were given their letters last month and the resorts managers say they’re unable to provide work due to Cyclone Evan.

Group General Manager Scott Walton says they are looking at re-employing the staff once rehabilitation work on the hotel is complete.

“We are working closely with the engineers and try and get the resort up and open as fast as we can and get their work back, one of the big thing we are working extremely hard we know how hard it is for the staff and their families.”

General Secretary of the National Union of Hotel and Catering Employees, Daniel Urai says the Union can’t do much since none of the workers from Bounty and Treasure Island resorts are members.

However he says they are concerned and they do want to help.

He has also confirmed that there are at least two other resorts facing the same situation – but the union has managed to negotiate a half pay system until these other resorts re-open.

As for Bounty and Treasure, there’s no saying when they will be open for business.

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