February 21, 2013

Major developments underway on Rabi

12:05 Today (February 21, 2013)
Report by: Rita Narayan

Several developments including income generating projects have been taking place on the island of Rabi which would soon benefit the Banaban community.

The island has a new jetty and soon to be installed ice plant provided by the Prime Minister’s Office which administers the ‘Rabi Subvention Fund’

The Deputy Secretary of the Development Cooperation and Facilitation Division in the PM’s Office, Naipote Katonitabua says they’ll be liaising closely with the Provincial Administrator Cakaudrove, the Rabi Council of leaders and village committees on the socio-economic development of Rabi.

An Information Ministry statement says the “Rabi Subvention Fund” is valued at $105,000.”

Katonitabua adds that for the last three years, they have worked closely with the Rabi Island Council in upgrading their water systems through the provision of piping materials and water tanks to villages, settlements and schools.

There is funding for other income generating projects such as fibreglass boats and outboard engines, the refurbishment of RCL Guest House, renovation of Rabi Community Hall and the provision of a proper sound system for the community.

In 2012, the DCFD office funded hardware materials for the construction of ablution blocks for two primary schools and teachers quarters at Rabi High School.

A separate allocation for development projects this year for Rabi Island is totalled at $67,000

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