February 08, 2013

GSS to buy new boat

07:19 Today (February 8, 2013)
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Navy Commander John Fox will be leading a team to Korea and Japan on Monday to inspect boats that government is intending to buy.

The Head of Government Shipping Services earlier told FBC News, they were not satisfied with the boats they have looked at so far.

“The boats that we look at have to be suitable for service in Fiji waters. The current fleet that we have at the moment, with the volume of cargo we are taking out, they are not able to carry that much cargo in one hit so it has to make several trips and that is a costly exercise for us.”

The team will spend two weeks in Korea and Japan before presenting their recommendations to Government for the purchase of a vessel.

Government has allocated $3 million in this year’s budget for the purchase of a boat.

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