February 24, 2010

Bainimarama Wilting Under International Pressure

Bainimarama's treasonous circle is now considering full withdrawal from the Commonwealth and the reason's put forward are so that they “stop being harassed.”

Uh Yeah. OK. 

In case it escapes their attention, the announcement of their plea that they made only last night to the IMF for a billion large is dependent on who??

Exactly. The big countries -- many of those from the same Commonwealth grouping that he intends to run away from -- and who have much influence.  In this instance particularly, much more influence then China.

Incidently the IMF had already warned Fiji late last year about the unsustainable government debt and inflation as well as their concerns about our pension fund, FNPF. Listen to the interview here.

If the IMF is in the business of money, they would be hard-pressed to invest valuable capital  to a sinking ship -- reforms or no reforms.

If however the IMF does give the miltary regime the money it ultimately falls upon you, your children and your children's children (and possibly further generations) to service and make good on the loan.
Fiji considers withdrawal from Commonwealth
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fiji will consider full withdrawal from the Commonwealth if the association of countries continue to meddle in attempts to move the nation forward.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama told FBC News that the Commonwealth has not tried to understand or listen to Fiji’s aspirations, but have been posing the same questions over and over again about the return to democracy.

Bainimarama says he has clearly stated over and over again, what needs to be done, and when Fiji will return to democracy and this will be done with or without the support of Australia, NZ or the Commonwealth.

He says Fiji will consider withdrawing from the Commonwealth so that they “stop being harassed.”

The Commonwealth had suspended Fiji after the 2006 coup.

The military commander said re-engagement with the Commowealth could take place after Fiji holds elections in 2014, but that will be the decision of the new government.

He says his government will complete the reforms they have started, and fulfill their mandate to put in place a new Constitution before elections.

Bainimarama says the Commonwealth can stay out if they do not recognize the present government.

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Anonymous said...

The only reforms the IMF will fund will be their own.

It is relatively simple to find out what those might be because they will be the same kinds of reforms that the IMF has implemented in pretty much every other basket case nation they've lent money to.

Namely, thy will be the usual catch-cry laundry list of transparency, accountability, good governance, independent institutions, small Government, etc., etc.

In other words, not one lick of Bai's bizarre and self-preserving, last-things-first agenda.