February 22, 2010

Crusading Health Workers

In Saturday's Fiji Times the Ministry of Health spinsperson once again confirms that:
Nurses at public hospitals are evangelising to patients as part of their individual effort to help them, says Ministry of Health spokesman Iliesa Tora.

He said the decision to evangelise to patients was the initiative of the nurses.

"We encourage all our staff to change their service and be more customer-oriented this year. We are happy about nurses trying to share the word of God to help their patients.

"We have our own ways of helping those in need and nurses who are using the Bible as that source are welcomed."

He said the initiative could be carried out as long as it did not infringe on an individual's religious rights and beliefs.
This view is roundly set straight by Doctor Gunasagaran Gounder who's own experience with faith healers has not been very positive from his perspective as a medical practitioner.

The Fiji Sun highlights the story of a former police officer and current faith healer who does the rounds in hospitals in Labasa despite reports that the Ministry now pays for security guards at hospitals on account of lax security.

The Ministry of Health spinsperson also gives totally contradictory views:
“The Ministry of Health is not giving out Bible verses to patients as has been claimed by certain sectors of the media,” Mr Tora said.

But he admitted some staff were known to be giving Bible verses to patients. “It has been part of their holistic approach to health service –– mental, physical and spiritual –– and something most of our Christian staff have been doing for years,” he said.

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