February 19, 2010

Better Customer Services in Health Ministry Means You Will Get A Religious Message

What is with all these crusades?

First the Police Force launch their fundamentalism driven crusades, even extending themselves to convert rugby players consequently raising much public concern especially in relation to the "New Meca" (aka oqo na kei Atu) influence.

Now we have the health service sector forgetting just for a tiny minute that if they want to keep their customers happy (especially the taxpaying customers who pay their salaries), improved services should mean that lives are saved. Not preached to.

Don't get us wrong. We have nothing against personal religious beliefs however if you're using your professional role to convert people then by all means resign and become a full-time missionary. 

Secondly, most potential converts we are sure, would be more impressed by actions as opposed to empty words.
Fiji health workers providing religious messages
Friday, February 19, 2010

The Health Ministry is now issuing out bible verses and religious messages to patients as part of its customer service.

A number of patients who recently visited health centers and hospitals around the country say they were handed biblical messages by staff.

FBC News obtained a message given to a patient by a nurse which states: “Only one person who would take your sickness away is Jesus. He loves you.”

Media Officer Iliesa Tora says the practice is part of efforts to improve customer service.

“We want to see all our Health staff are doing the customer services …We are thankful to all our staff who seem to be the one who started this move within the Ministry as part of our customer services 2010.”

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