February 10, 2010

Shaista Shameem Wants Some Limelight Too

It must not be a done thing in the Shameem family for the little sister to overshadow bhaini media-wise.

And try as she might to creep off into the wilderness after losing her job as treasonous Human Rights Chairperson, she cannot resist the urge to play the media whore queen that she thinks she is.

Entree Shyster Shameem, who has wrangled herself into a Legal Advisor role to the Fiji Mine Workers Union, in the long-standing Vatukoula Mining saga. 

Anyone who is anyone in this country knows full well that if there was one individual who brought this issue to the nation's attention, it was Senator Dr 'Atu Emberson-Bain and her fiesty and (if one looked past her party alliance) well respected interventions in Parliament.

The Shyster now takes it upon her hypocritical treasonous self to advocate for the rights of the mine-workers, yet at the same time manages to sit on the fence because the new owners who took over from Emperor were after all allowed in by her mates in the military regime:
"Dr Shameem says reports have shown that conditions at the mine constituted a human rights abuse, although she believes they have improved for the current workers under its new owners".
Cutting to the chase of this debacle, this is a non-issue. 

Once again The Shyster prances around with a shabby idea to take the plight of the Mine Workers to the ILO and the Human Rights Council when it is as clear as the confounded-daylight-savings-fracas that they cannot take a sob story to the international world without firstly exhausting all national remedies. And Guess What? The remedies were right there in our beloved Consitution, but the Constitution was assasinated by Shaista Shameem and her military mob.

So no this old leaf has definitely not turned over. 

What is transpiring here is simply a tactic to use the poor mine workers and their plight and attempt to use that to manipulate the Human Rights Council and their verdict on Bainimarama's appalling human rights record.

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