February 22, 2010

When the Left-Hand doesn't know what the Right-hand is Doing

Bainimarama's treasonous terrorists within his illegal government (no doubt spurred on by the treasonous tourism lobby) are rubbing their hands in glee at the potential to their bottom-lines from the projected influx of chinese and indian tourists.

However while they celebrate, their colleagues in the Immigration Department are up to their ears in the fight against illegal immigrants from both China and India -- while taxpayers are burdened with paying for return flights.

Once again they disregard tips from experts such as the current CEO of the South Pacific. Travel, Tony Everitt, who cautions the industry to be savvy in their marketing:
"The upmarket travel savvy Chinese is there. They are a small, but lucrative, group and, as Rohan Ellis, head of mission at the Pacific Islands Forum trade office in China, explains - they're ready for the Pacific islands."

and hotelier, Richard Chiu:
  “Chinese do not have long holidays like the Europeans, who have five to six weeks holidays,” Chiu said.
  “The Chinese don’t have that kind of luxury and they usually go to nearer destinations because they only have a few days, so you see them go to Singapore, Bangkok because they are short trips—just two to three hours away
Instead of being strategically selective about who and how they let in the front door, the taxpayers are ultimately left to mop up the mess after the horse has bolted.

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