February 16, 2010

UN to Driti: "Thanks But No Thanks (and don't call us we'll call you - maybe)"

Bainimarama's right hand bulldog, Brigadier Pita Driti should be getting the signals loud and clear now that internationally he is an unwanted man.

First Malaysia, and now the UN:
Fiji Land Force chief told to stay home
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fiji’s application for its Land Force Commander to lead a military contingent to Iraq has been rejected by the United Nations.

Brigadier Pita Driti says the rejection was due to political interference, but he is not concerned as he has important duties to attend to in Fiji.

“No, no. I’ve been told to remain in Fiji. There were some political implications I think. That is okay, I’ve nothing to lose. I’ve got a lot of work to do back home so I’ll just stick here and do what I’m supposed to do.”

Brigadier Driti was to have led a Fiji military contingent in May for UN duties in Iraq. Fiji soldiers are currently guarding UN personnel in Baghdad.


Anonymous said...

La la lala la, na na, nana na.......

LMAO @ evil torturer Driti who deserves nothing less than to be completely shut out of any foreign mission abroad!! M A L E K A.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! With the fancy title and more shiny medals (since the Malay rejection) - the old wimp Driti still got rejected? Hooray! I'm doing a somersault right here on my bed!