February 11, 2010

Sri Lankan Now In Control of Your Pension Fund

Folks use your retirement funds as best and as fast as you can NOW.

Not only is the national pension fund now under the control of Sri Lankan expat, Ajith Kodagoda, he is still an official representative of Sri Lanka and a migrant probably here on a temporary visa working for a private company.

What is to stop this individual from helping himself to your retirement funds and taking off soon after?

Once again we are presented with a case of total cluelessness of the treasonous military regime that never fails to amaze with their gross ineptitude.

Fiji TV's report from last night below:
Prasad steps down as FNPF Chairman
9 Feb 2010 16:00:24

The chairman of the Fiji National Provident Fund Board, John Prasad, has stepped down from the position.

Prasad chairs the FNPF Board, in his capacity as the permanent secretary for the Finance Ministry.

He told One National News, his retiring from the position due to other work committments which he needs to focus more on.

The outgoing chair is being replaced by fellow board member, Sri-Lankan national Ajith Kodagoda.

Prasad was appointed to the position in June last year.

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