February 09, 2010

The "Gates and Shameem" Show

Nazhat Shameem and Chief Injustice Anthony Gates continue to be as thick as thieves despite their attempts to show otherwise.

They return with new episodes of their "Gates & Shameem" show and make a mockery of the legal profession through their satire.

Scene 1 presents us with Former Injustice Shameem being lauded, heralded and put on a PR pedestal (despite being an external consultant) by Sharila Lazarus, the Public Relations Officer of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal Attorney General.

The most gripping of stanza's in her self-lauding soliloquy would have to be her plea to, wait for it: Love The Law. Absolutely grippingly drippingly rich with satire worthy of an Oscar.

However. Shameem's scene does not hold a candle to the following one presented by Chief Injustice Gates.

In his episode where he addresses 17 new lawyers, Gates makes the case for the standard of professionalism required by officers of the court.

His winning line's?
Justice Gates reminded the new lawyers of the oaths that they should truly and honestly conduct themselves in the legal practice according to the best of their knowledge and ability.
Bravo. These are scene's worthy of replays at The Hague at some point.

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