July 06, 2011

Breaking: 4 FICAC Sri Lankan prosecutors sacked by military regime

Instead of endowing taxpayers with real news, the illegal and treasonous military regime's propaganda bugle FBC cannot see their way past reporting the sex lives of the rich and famous.

Intelligentsiya has received reports that on Monday 4 FICAC prosecutors from Sri Lanka were forced to resign after they refused to carry out an order. The 4 were then sacked and given 24 hours to leave Fiji.

Other details remain sketchy as the 4 axed prosecutors were apparently warned against making this public.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, one person was forced to resign without reasons and others resigned to show their support to that person.

Anonymous said...

Hope the other remaining Sri Lankans will understand their fate.
3 magistrates resigned few months a go, now 4 prosecutors sacked.
where is rule of law.

Me bula ga ko viti
Ka me toro gaki liu, ki liu......

time to change leadership.
restore democracy in Fiji

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the regime still remains silent without any boastful press comments....

Anonymous said...

Well the Sri Lankans have seen the facts and the facts don't lie. This regime is all about themselves and are not genuine. Anyone who tries to tell the truth will be terminated. They will run out of people who want to work honestly and they will end up with a bunch of crooked expats only.