July 18, 2011

BREAKING: Nazhat Shameem makes another play for International Criminal Court seat

Sources are revealing that the illegal and treasonous military regime's pliant handmaiden for all things illegally decreed, is making another play as a judge on the International Criminal Court (ICC). The very same court that she will face one day soon with her regime friends.

Shameem once faced off with former Chief Justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, for a seat on the ICC but lobby work by some NGO's prevented Tuivaga's candidature from seeing the light of day.

It is unclear which NGO's (if any) are backing her candidature this time around but there is no doubt that this bid will not get anywhere if the international community has anything to do with it.


Truth & honesty said...

Sheare arrogance on her behalf, maybe she has got Obamas mantra wrong "Yes We Can " it not yes I can

Anonymous said...

Is this that same high court judge that NEVER, EVER once defended the purported abrogation of Fiji's Constitution?!! Not once!

And now she vies for a seat on the ICC? Does she have no shame given all that she and hubby have done to this country?