July 21, 2011

Don't Board "Air Treason"


With the back-and-forth and propaganda efforts yesterday between Fiji's illegal and treasonous military regime and trade unions in Australia and New Zealand, Air Pacific aka Air Treason, now steps up to bat for the regime and set's their legal eagles loose to step up pressure on unions in Australia and New Zealand.

The Fiji Trade Union Congress's (FTUC) Felix Anthony is not backing down any time soon and neither is the Fiji Public Service Association's (FPSA), Rajeshwar Singh. Another local union, the little known and modestly influential, Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation's Nesbitt Hazelman is content to sit on the fence and push the party lines.
NZ and Aust unions back away from action against airlines serving Fiji
Posted at 23:13 on 20 July, 2011 UTC

The danger of lawsuits has prompted New Zealand and Australian trade unions to back away from industrial action involving airlines serving Fiji.

Fiji trade unionists had requested support in New Zealand and Australia to fight against alleged violence and harassment by Fiji’s regime.

The Council of Trade Unions in Wellington and the Transport Workers Union in Australia threatened to stop servicing flights to the island.

But the CTU secretary, Peter Conway, says his organisation has received a lawyer’s letter from Air Pacific, pointing out strike action is lawful only in support of health and safety or a collective agreement.

    “What we want to know from Air Pacific is do they support assaults on union officials in Fiji and decrees that take away human rights at work, and if they do, the public and New Zealand should know that, and if they don’t, will they join us in trying to stop this situation as it develops.”

Peter Conway says there was no intention to rush into strike action and the airlines should not have called on their lawyer as a first choice.
In any event, Air Treason's head honcho, Dave "we-will-not-fail" Pflieger, might as well pack up and head over to hollywood now, because he and his treasonous supporting frat will fail.

It doesn't take strikes to prevent Australian's and New Zealander's from visiting Fiji and propping up the military regime's coffers furthermore making the hotel industry (NOT the local community that Air Treason conveniently hides behind when the occasion suits) rich in the process.

The taxpaying millions going towards pumping up Air Treason and brand FIJI -- a brand that lives and is the intellectual, spiritual, cultural and moral property of innocent and unarmed civilians living under tyranny -- will be money, effort and resources spent in vain as direct public campaigns from the unions (freedom of expression is still respected in Australia and New Zealand) take root.

You lose already Air Treason.


Anonymous said...

now that there is no strike felix and his merry band of cats shud now go back to fiji and protest there ,,,,or are they going to seek political asylum as usual and abandoning their families and union members???

Keep The Faith said...

Well isn't that the point Anonymous @ 19:19?

They're going to keep you guessing and you and your illegal and treasonous regime members will just need to be ready to duck, weave and roll with the punches.