July 11, 2011

Fiji Media commended in helping make Land Use unit a "success"

The illegal and treasonous military regime via their favourite pawns, Pene Nonu Baleinabuli and Laisa Raratabu celebrate the 1st anniversary of the illegal and treasonous Land Bank facade, with the help of a "prominent" chinese investor and thank the pliant and muzzled media in Fiji for helping them get where they are today.

Nonu was formerly an advisor with the Qarase Government and was sacked by one of the first illegal and treasonous decrees of the late Rt Josefa Iloilo when the illegal and treasonous military regime took over via the 2006 coup.

Raratabu's youngest brother is married to Bainimarama's daughter.

These are the people you can thank when all the land-grabbing gets out of control.

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Subject: Media commended for 'Land Use' unit



(Monday July 12th 2011, No:1424/MOI) Media commended for ‘Land Use’ unit

The role of the media in promoting the work by the Land Use Unit at the Ministry of Lands was commended by Colonel Neumi Leweni. Leweni who was the former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Lands highlighted the positive work by the media during the unit’s first anniversary celebration on July 8 at the Civic House in Suva.

“There is a lot of publicity and you have dealt with a lot of issues that Government is trying to tackle like the alleviation of poverty and providing land for the investors” Leweni said.

Established in 2010 the unit received 59 interests from individual landowning units with a total land mass of 14,000 hectares, of which 2000 hectares has been designated to investors.

The unit under the Land Use Decree sees a 100 per cent lease income distribution to landowners. On the other hand Native Land Trust Board deducts 15 per cent of the lease income.

Highlights of the ministry’s achievement within the one year period included the issuing of five leases while four other interest is in the process.

A total of 2500 hectares of land has been leased out to investors. The leases given included two for mining, one for quarry, one for a jetty and one for agriculture.

The unit had a total of $730,000 premium and rental to landowners and so far has distributed $621,000 to landowners issued under the Native Land Trust Act.

The multiplier impact or returns of investment to the i-taukei will provide opportunities to invest on other lands that are not developed and capacity building on sound management practices on good governance.

Alternate investment opportunities will improve the quality of life and standard of living.

The return of investment to Government includes tax and duties, equal sharing of infrastructure development costs, lowering unemployment statistics and creating business opportunities in the rural sectors.

This in turn alleviates poverty and addresses increasing rural to urban migration.

Lands deputy secretary Pene Nonu said the unit had every reason to celebrate.

“As many of you will know it’s our first birthday, like any other first birthday there is need to celebrate. Our celebration today is actually complemented by the few achievements. I say few because I would like to be modest about the achievement that we’ve made. These achievements are milestone achievements, firstly the establishments of the unit and within this 12 months the amount of work that we have done” Nonu said


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