July 08, 2011

Military regime glosses over departure of FICAC prosecutors

The news that we broke on Wednesday on the issue of the forced resignations and hasty exit of three (and not four as we reported) Sri Lankan prosecutors of the Fiji "Independent" Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) has been predictably glossed over by the illegal and treasonous military regime via their spokesperson, Erica Lee.

The real story, we have no doubt, will see the light of day soon.
FICAC's legal eagles leave
Shalveen Chand
Friday, July 08, 2011

THREE prosecutors of the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) have left the country after the terms of their contracts ended on Monday.

FICAC spokeswoman Erica Lee confirmed that manager legal Madhawa Tennakoon and senior legal officers Sanjeewa Dissanayake and Ragitha Siriwansa returned home after completing their contracts.

Ms Lee said the lawyers joined FICAC in 2009.

She said two other prosecutors, Nawarathne Marasinghe and Vincent Perera, were still in the country.

Ms Lee said the prosecutors came in after the first three and their contracts were still in effect.

As for replacements, Ms Lee said FICAC was dealing with the matter and an announcement would be made at the right time.

Messrs Tennakoon, Dissanayake and Siriwansa are belived to have left the country on Monday.

Mr Tennakoon had been involved in many of FICAC's high profile cases such as the prosecution of former prime minister Laisenia Qarase and former NLTB general manager Kalivati Bakani. He also led the prosecution in the trial against businessman Ratu Sakuisa Tuisolia.

Ms Lee said their departure would not affect FICAC's operations.


Anonymous said...

What is this lie?????

How can Madawa Tennakoon complete his term when FICAC served him with the termination papers when he return to Fiji back from home?

How can other two complete their term, when they resigned on their own??

Contract signed by the above three are available and will show that their contracts are valid till the end of the year.

Funny and most absurd explanation which hide the truth from public.

Varani. said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

If I may ask why my comment is not published????

As I said in that comment, FICAC press release is a total lie. None of those three left FIJI because of their term ends. Mr. Tennakoon was served with termination letter for no reason and other two resigned to show their support.

Mr. Tennakoon came to FIJI with Mr. Marasinghe and others joined them later. Then how can FICAC say that Mr. Marasinghe's contract is still in operation when Mr. Tennakoon's contract expired?

Mr. Tennakoon's contract is valid till end of November.

Mr. Tennakoon was in Sri Lanka for short vacation and returned to Fiji on 03rd July [Sunday]. If he knew his contract has already expired why return to Fiji at all? Strange explanation.

I hope you take steps to publish this comment which explains the truth, which you can verify very easily.

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anons 3:54 & 1:43. Thank you for your update/s.

If you have access to those termination letters we would gladly publish them so that we can expose the illegal and treasonous military regime for the liars that they are.

Please email intelligentsiya@gmail.com