July 20, 2011

Military Regime intensifies pressure on union leaders

Predictably, the illegal and treasonous military regime begin pushing back against the mounting pressure from Australian and possibly New Zealand trade unions, and aim to make an example of Rajeshwar Singh claiming that some of his "phantom" (who are they? how many? what percentage of the total membership?) union members want him out.

Triply predictable is the oddity of why disgruntled civil service union members would see fit to bring their union woes to the attention of the military regime's propaganda hag spin-doctor and echo the exact same lines as the illegal and treasonous Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum with regard to Singh's motor vehicle preference.

Unionist Daniel Urai is also facing pressure from presumably more cued up "concerned members".

If this sounds familiar, it's because it is - it sounds like the fake 64% of Fiji's population that purportedly support the illegal and treasonous Charter.
Singh must go says union members

CIVIL Servants have called for the immediate resignation of the Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) general secretary, Rajeshwar Singh .

The FPSA members who are civil servants say Mr Singh has no mandate to speak on behalf of them when there was no consultation done on the issue of seeking  support from fellow unions in Australia and New Zealand.

"We will also be writing to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to express our support for the Government and to also take action against these anti-Fiji union leaders,” the FPSA members said.

The Ministry of Information permanent secretary Ms Sharon Smith-Johns confirmed that a group of  civil servants who are union members have raised concerns regarding the conduct of  Mr Singh.

“I am not surprised by this because concerns expressed by this group of union members are genuine and I understand their frustration and the call for resignation.  The group will meet soon to discuss further action against Mr Singh,” she said.

The concerned civil servants said: “We are paying Mr Singh a salary of more than $200,000, apart from provision of executive BMW X5 car, housing and other perks”.

“We expect Mr Singh to dialogue with the Government on various issues affecting civil servants but he is in Australia spreading lies about Fiji.

“We are very surprised as how can Mr Singh represents government workers yet work against the nation and people of Fiji who are his members – the civil servants are supposed to serve.

“On many occasions the Public Service Commission has requested Mr Singh for discussions on civil service reforms he has not turned up. What kind of attitude is this?”

The members questioned the role of Mr Singh whose actions are hurting the economy of Fiji with possible job losses to FPSA members.

“We call on all union leaders like Mr Singh to resign immediately and not to return to Fiji.”

The members have also expressed support for the Government saying that “the current  Government is doing what no other Government has done for the workers before”.

The Government is biggest employer in the country with more than 27,000 civil servants and a salaries and wages bill of more than $750million.

“There has been no erosion of workers rights in Fiji in fact the workers are benefiting from the Labour reforms, which are now becoming a model to other countries in the world,”  FPSA members said.

“The Employment Relations Law allows anybody to join a union and all union deductions for subscriptions are allowed by the Government and other employers.

“It is only the disgruntled union leaders who lost their perks when removed from the boards of the statutory bodies such as the Fiji National Provident Fund.

“The union leaders had also accompanied the Labour Minister to the International Labour Organization Meeting in Geneva and have endorsed the labour reforms.’

FPSA is the largest trade union in the country representing the biggest employer, the Government with more than 5000 members contribute more than $1million in subscription to FPSA

The civil servants have called on the Australian and New Zealand Council Trade Unions to re-think their stand on the support for former Fiji union leaders


Lewena Neumi said...

What a load of bulcrap. The phantom members of the FPSA sound like military officers.

ex Fiji tourist said...

More BS written by sharon goebels.

So these public servants think that are on a good thing when their wages were drastically reduced in 2007, they were forced to retire at 55 and they are sacked for no reason.

It is noted that these phantom unionists [ goebels ] do not mention that unions can't hold meetings in Fiji as they are against per.

Ask the unionists who wanted to hold a rally and march to protest the criminal reduction in their pensions.

Anonymous said...

lako mada lai gunu kosa