July 28, 2011

Sri Lankan Chief Registrar and her abuse of office

As earlier reported by Intelligentsiya, the cloud surrounding the forced hasty exits of 3 Sri Lankan prosecutors of the illegall and treasonous anti-graft body FICAC is closely linked to the current Chief Registrar, Ganga Ms Wakishta Arachchi and her rampant abuse of office which would have seen her own fate at the mercy of FICAC investigations.

It is understood that the Chief Registrar, Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, and the just newly appointed FICAC Legal Manager, Mr. Vinsent Perera enjoy the protection of Chief InJustice Tony Gates.

Sources have now revealed an incident where the illegal and treasonous Chief Registrar, the said Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, took her family on a government vehicle to Levuka for "court inspection", leaving on Friday and returning to Suva on Sunday. The government vehicle used has the license-plate number: GN319.

For those who know the experience of travel to Levuka taking a vehicle on the RoRo vessel, to leave on a Friday virtually cancels out the rest of the day for anything productive as the day is virtually spent on getting there.

Which therefore leaves the weekend for "court inspection" inconveniencing court staff in Levuka but highly advantageous for Ganga Wakishta Arachchi's family who were in tow for the change in scenery -- a situation which in itself reeks of corruption.

Pictured here is the illegal and treasonous Chief Registrar with her husband, Saman Thilakasiri and their eldest son enroute to Levuka standing next to the cited government vehicle.

Sources are also revealing that further to the breaking news of the forced and hasty exit of the 3 FICAC prosecutors, the former FICAC Legal Manager, Madhawa Tennakoon (now replaced by Chief InJustice Gates' new protegee, Mr. Vinsent Perera who was himself a former FICAC prosecutor), returned to Fiji from a vacation in Sri Lanka on a Sunday and his contract "expired" on the Monday.

Apparently Tennakoon's termination letter was delivered to him on the same Sunday he arrived, at his residence.


Anonymous said...

All Sri Lankans must GO. They are so corrupt and would do anything for money. They are just ruining FIJI with the help of the regime.

"Shame on all Sri Lankans".

Anonymous said...

Anyway, has anyone investigated Gates interest in SRi Lanka and how he is probably using Fiji's much needed money to pay for his legal fees in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the bitch got kicked out from the Fiji....................