September 26, 2012

7 appear for harbouring

17:04 Today (26 September 2012)
Report by: Shalveen Chand

Seven people charged with harbouring escapees appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon.

The three women and four men have been remanded in custody after their bail application was refused.

Taniela Yauyau, Laisa Elder, Livai Nabulu, Unaisi Ciri, Epeli Qaqa, Merewalesi Sikudimuri and Asaeli Vulanunumi are all charged with harbouring.

Accused two, Laisa Elder is also charged with receiving stolen property.

Merewalesi Sikudimuri’s counsel told the court that she had a one year old child and husband was a fisherman, and she needed to be on bail to look after the child.

The State informed the court that Unaisi Ciri and Epeli Qaqa are on bench warrant and have been evading court.

The court was told that police are still investigating and that all should be remanded.

They will appear again on October 9th.

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