September 13, 2012

Immigration Dept seize 5 Asian nationals

Publish date/time: 13/09/2012 [13:02]

The Immigration Department has taken five Asian nationals into custody after a raid in Suva this morning.

Fijivillage has received confirmation that the raid was conducted at a hotel.

Three Asian women and two men were taken into custody.

They were located in three different rooms.

Immigration Director, Major Nemani Vuniwaqa was tipped off that the three females were promised work in Fiji and their travel to the country was facilitated by some people including some local contacts.

Major Vuniwaqa said they are currently speaking to the five individuals and trying to determine their local contact.

He said there are also claims of prostitution which is now being fully investigated.

Fijivillage has been informed by the Immigration department that the three women arrived in the country last Friday.

Stay with us as we will have more later this afternoon.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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