September 27, 2012

GSP removal will hurt workers: FMF

17:04 Today (27 September 2012)
Report by: Shalveen Chand

One of Fiji’s biggest manufacturers FMF Foods Limited believes the removal of the United States Generalized System of Preference will affect its employees.

CEO Ram Bajekal says the duty free exports into the US market have seen FMF have an exponential growth with exports reaching the million dollar mark.

He says if Fiji does get delisted then it will certainly have effects on FMF’s 900 or so employees.

“Anything that hurts trade – hurts us and anything that hurts us, hurts our employees. We are just a shell. We are made up of our employees.”

Bajekal adds the US market is a tough market and the duty free entry of Fiji’s good into that market helps the country.

While some trade unions believe this is the way to teach the government a lesson, the state sees this as a political move where only the innocent workers will suffer.

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